Monday, May 27, 2013

The Pastor's Anniversary - Celebrating the Vision

The Pastor's Anniversary is an event designed for church members to celebrate the pastor's vision for ministry and for the local body where he serves. It has been stated that the job of a pastor is revered as one of the greatest jobs in society, for it's the pastor who prepares you for the "life after" and watches for your soul. Many churches recognize the hard work and dedication of its leaders and welcome a time to officially say thank you for dedicated service to the ministry and membership.
In taking this time out, we are acknowledging his obedience to the call of this particular work and this congregation of souls. It is not a light responsibility nor is it as glamorous as it seems. It is a hearty and unyielding burden that exemplifies his love for God, his passion for Holiness and his heart for service in the kingdom. Every year that we go higher, it is because he answered this calling years ago.
The focal point of the Pastor's Anniversary is to highlight the leader's tenure as pastor and years of service to the pastoral ministry. While there are a number of ways and a number of events that can be planned to celebrate the leaders, this celebration should be a grand occasion. It should be well planned and should provide an opportunity for involvement of the entire congregation. Since we live in the society of Mega churches with Mega Ministries, representation from each ministry during the planning process can prove to be a plus and will definitely lighten the load of responsibility. The planning process should be approached in the spirit of excellence and from the standpoint that the leadership of the church deserves our best celebration; for the scripture declares that the Elder who rules well is worthy of double honor, especially those who labor in the gospel.
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