Monday, May 27, 2013

Pastor Appreciation Banquet Dinner

A great idea to go along with your pastor appreciation service would be to have a Pastor Appreciation Banquet. This event would allow the congregation to have a formal night out of dinning and activities. Many people love the idea of getting dressed up in their finer things and attending a gala event. However, this will take some skillful planning by the pastoral committee or a group of people that can plan the event and that work well together. 

First, its probably a good idea to find the venue where the event will take place. Fine dinning is somewhat costly and that goes the same for elegance. It is best to go out and actually visit a few places that you may know of or have researched on the internet. This research can be done in Google simply by searching for "fine dinning" and placing the city name immediately following your search term. Here is an example: fine dinning Los Angeles, fine dinning Dallas, fine dinning New York or dining hall in Washington dc. This will yield you the results you are looking for and give you a great place to start your search.

Next, after you carefully select a dinning venue its best to start with the food selections. This is a great task as there will be many people attending and everyone has different taste. May i suggest a broad range of food styles that will compliment everyone's taste. That can be accomplished by having a buffet with H'ors deurves or a sampling table of food before the main course. Let me tell you now that food can very expensive and the dinning hall will try their best to get every dime thet can for your event. May I suggest that you sharpen your negotiating skills before meeting with the dinning hall coordinators. May I also suggest that you do not have more than three main courses as this will definitely extend your budget. Keep it simple by having a form of fish, a chicken entree and some form of beef entree. You can have a little fun with the sides as to make things really entertaining and fun. Just remember this is the main area where the dinning hall can make the most money and things can go over budget. 

Dessert: to keep things extremely simple it is best to have a cake made for the occasion and professionally decorated by a cake decorator. Along with that you can have the standard coffee and tea as dessert beverages along with ice water. Just having one cake made as the main dessert will save you time and money by using this simplistic approach.

Lastly, you should have and hire some good entertainment for the event. Here are a few suggestions: Gospel Band, Singer Songwriter, Comedian, Praise Dancers, Step Team, Drama Ministry and Mime Ministry. These are all great entertainment choices for the pastor appreciation banquet. And many of them are very reasonable in price especially if you book them early enough. Booking in advance may save you a few dollars here and there but pay attention to your overall budget as things can get out of hand quickly.

The pastoral appreciation banquet can be allot of fun as well as a night to remember. I highly suggest having a staff that can oversee this project and people that work well together. After all  we are all human and we all know sometimes personalities can clash if you put the wrong people to work together. It is best to select a group of people that either has worked together in the past or select a group of people that you already know can get the job done in a timely fashion.

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