Monday, May 27, 2013

Pastor Appreciation

If the Pastor at your church does a great job of taking care of the congregation, you may want to consider showing him how thankful you are with a pastor appreciation service. Pastor appreciation day is the perfect time that you and the other members of your congregation can get together and plan something really special for your pastor.
A pastor's job goes a lot further than just showing up at church for Sunday service. A pastor's job never ends. When he is not in front of his congregation, he is traveling to and from the hospitals and nursing homes. He is making sure that all of the members of his congregation who are sick still have a spiritual uplifting. When people are not feeling well, a visit from their pastor can make them feel better.
Pastors also have the spiritual responsibility of consoling others when they have lost a loved one. This in itself is a stressful task, but you will always be able to find a good pastor at the funeral home or at the home of the one who has suffered the loss. The pastor is trying to insure that they are going to be alright dealing with their current difficulties.
A good pastor makes himself available to the members of his congregation at the drop of a hat. It is a heart driven goal for him to be able to be a leader and an example for his local church members.
Finances can be a great burden for a pastor to carry also; he is solely responsible for the financial status of his church. In the hard economic times, he may have to lead many more fund raisers than he did in the previous years. He might have to spend more time working with the youth and young adults of his church, raising much needed money to insure that the youth have a place to go during the summer months like summer camp or vacation bible school. A good pastor will make sure that all of the children in the youth group at this church are able to attend and for that, he deserves to be appreciated.
You can rely on your pastor to pick you up when you are feeling down, he can send your spirits soaring just when you thought you were spiritually dead. He keeps everyone in the church abreast of what is going on in the community. He performs marriage ceremonies as well as funeral services. He performs baptisms, christenings and he hosts many functions at the church. It is a part of his job to help keep the church growing successful by doing all sorts of things to increase the membership.
Let your Pastor know how much you appreciate how much he does for your church, your family and your community by honoring him on Pastor Appreciation Day. You may want to consider having a luncheon or a dinner in his honor. You can plan a pastor appreciation banquet in his honor where everyone can dress in their best garments. You may elect to give separate gifts or you may give one big community gift. Whatever you decide to do for your pastor's gift remember your pastor deserves a time of appreciation.
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