Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Pastor Appreciation Ideas

There are many ideas that come to mind when celebrating a Pastor's Appreciation service or Anniversary. Not all ideas are good ideas when it comes to celebrating your pastor. It is always a good idea to know your pastors personal taste or style and you should consider his or her feelings when it comes down to publicly doing things for him or her. In the event you do not know your pastors personal taste it is always a good idea to ask someone close to him or her like a spouse or close friend. Sometimes, the pastor may have other pastor friends that you could consult with to get more details on his or her likes and dislikes.

In this article we will share some ideas that most churches and ministries have decided on in the past for their pastor and spiritual leaders. Again, the information contained here is for educational purposes only. You should consult with your committee before acting on or purchasing any of the products mentioned in this article. Some of the ideas are surrounded by personal taste of others and some were decided on by a committee of people.

First, one of the hot products now appearing in the pulpit is the Ipad Tablet or the Android Tablet. There is a very good reason as to why this is. Some people may consider preaching from a Ipad or Android device is simply for a show, which I disagree with totally. After doing a little research on this issue found out that preparing a sermon on these types of devices is rather easy and provides a very unique experience. They provide word processing apps where you can write the weekly sermon highlighting the text in different colors for point emphasis. Another cool feature that I found was a major advantage was being able to load different bibles which has different translations to word meaning. Some bible program apps have 10 different bibles that can be reference within the program. Which many of them also include the Bible Commentary which allow a deeper study guide for any pastor doing research on a particular topic. 

Preaching and teaching from a tablet has many advantages and you don't have to be tech savvy to implement these strategies. We find that many pastor in this day and time really appreciate having such a study companion in a Ipad or Android Tablet. The prices of each tablet type range widely in price starting as low as $99 dollars and as high as $699. The more you pay the better and faster the device will operate. Having enough speed in any tablet is definitely worth the extra dollars. This is our top pick pastor appreciation ideas and or gifts for 2014.

Next, we will list an exhaustive list of ideas that you can implement into your pastor appreciation day or service. Pastor appreciation in most cases is honored in the month of October as this is National Pastor Appreciation Month each year. The list of ideas share in this article are for your review to determine whether or not these ideas fit your pastor or church setting. 

  1. Select An Appreciation Day or Date for the Pastor Appreciation Event
  2. Invite Special Guest Speaker for Pastor Appreciation Day
  3. Plan a Formal Banquet honoring your Pastor and First Lady
  4. Have Professional Invitations Created
  5. Plan a Gospel Concert or hire a Gospel artist for a Concert Venue
  6. Plan a getaway vacation for your Pastor and Spouse
  7. Decorate the main Sanctuary of the Church
  8. Decorate the Pastors area with decorative decorations
  9. Sponsor a "Pre" Anniversary or Appreciation Service
  10. Provide Entertainment: Comedian, Praise Dancers, Musicians, Artist
  11. Create a Video Presentation about your Pastor
  12. Print Appreciation Programs to Document the Event
  13. Create a "Favorite Things" Basket
  14. Order a Pastor Appreciation Banner with his/her photo on it
  15. Re-decorate his/her Personal Office space
  16. Purchase New Ministry Robe or Ministry Attire
  17. Have A Thank Poem professionally written and Framed
  18. Purchase the Pastor a new Cell phone with yearly paid commitment
  19. Golf Gift at your local Golf Course
  20. Create Thrifty Craft Gifts and Baskets
  21. Commit yourself to praying for your Pastor
  22. Bless your Pastor with some Necessities
  23. Present him/her with Plaque, Trophy or Award Certificate
  24. Stand In for your Pastor running errands or doing Church Administration
  25. Give Gifts Cards to his or her favorite Clothing or Department Store
  26. Invite his or her friends to share in the Appreciation Event
  27. Bless the Spouse of the Pastor and the first Family
  28. Have T-Shirts made with Church Name or Logo printed on them
  29. Provide a Family Dinner at Favorite Local Restaurant
  30. Have his/her Car Serviced or Repaired with standard maintenance
There are a multitude of different ideas that you can come up with to appreciate your pastor. So often we as human beings resort to giving monetary gifts rather than putting a little effort into gifting something with special meaning. is the industry leader for Pastor Appreciation Programs, Booklets and Templates. They provide a variety of print ready program templates that are designed for ministry, churches and religious organizations. is on the cutting edge of technology and they have matching Pastor Appreciation Banners that can be design ed and printed up to 25 feet in length on durable vinyl stock. For more information please visit their website at

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Pastor Appreciation Day for Pastors

Pastor Appreciation Day

The month of October has been deemed National Pastor Appreciation Month for all Clergy, Pastors, Bishops, Apostles and Spiritual Leaders in the body of Christ. The entire month has been set aside to commemorate and celebrate all the Elders, Pastors and Spiritual Leaders that rule well. It is a time that allow the members of the church and all religious organizations to say "Thank you" to the leadership God has called to lead.

Preparation for pastor appreciation day in most cases should begin with a planning committee to oversee all of the planned festivities and events. The planning committee should be made up of a group of people that generally work well together and those who can execute and complete or finalize task in a timely manner. Pastor appreciation is simply about remembering your spiritual leaders as everyone and every person needs to be appreciated in some form or fashion. 

Here are a few pastor appreciation ideas that will help you have a successful celebration in honoring your pastor.

  1. Plan a Banquet Celebration or formal dinner with formal attire
  2. Select a "Pastor Appreciation Day" or Date to Celebrate Him or Her
  3. Create a Invitation List and Create and Mail Invitations to the Event
  4. Have Professional Entertainment: Music (Artist), Praise Dance, Photography, Comedian, Guest Speakers, City Officials
  5. Decorate The Sanctuary - Flowers, Banners, Streamers, Photographs, Pictures
  6. Decorative Seating for Pastor and Wife
  7. Video Record the Event for Media Ministry
  8. Get Every Member Involved 
  9. Plan Early and Execute Plan Accordingly
  10. Invite Past Members, Family, Friends and other Relatives
  11. Structure an Order of Service that includes member participation
  12. Give a Sentimental Gift to your Pastor - know your pastors taste!
  13. Order Pastor Appreciation Programs to document the Event
  14. Have Food and or Refreshments to serve to guest - Celebration Cake!
Pastor Appreciation Day should be celebrated annually as the work of the pastor will increase each and every year without fail. Encouraging your pastor should not only be looked at as an special event but rather a practice. Pastors go through the same hardship and life circumstances as everyday people in general. In so many words we are all regular people that face adversity each and every day. God gives us leaders that can help us through spiritual teaching and biblical principals to help us manage our earthly lives. Remembering the structure of this principal will help honor and appreciate your pastor and the ministry God has given him.

Pastor appreciation in its simplest form is just remembering your pastor, as it takes a special person to lead groups of people. Those in spiritual leadership positions have a great responsibility to lead, teach, pray for, console, instruct, help and assist their fellow brothers and sisters in becoming greater and better Christians. The definition of the word appreciate in its simplest form means: to be grateful or thankful for. Let us not forget or take likely what God has given unto us in Ministers, Elders, Pastors, Bishop, Apostles, Evangelist and Missionary's.

Make the best of your pastor's appreciation day for the bible says in 1st Timothy 5:17-18: 17. Let the elders that rule well be counted worthy of double honour, especially they who labour in the word and doctrine. 18. For the scripture saith, Thou shalt not muzzle the ox that treadeth out the corn. And, The labourer is worthy of his reward. is a great resource for pastor appreciation programs in print ready form. They have a great selection of program bulletins that range in different colors, styles and sizes. Print Ready technology allow church administrators or the church secretary to print professionally design publications in-house without any design experience whatsoever. For more information visit their website at:!

Divine Pastor Appreciation Program Template
for Microsoft Publisher