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Pastor Anniversary Programs

Programs for Pastor Anniversary

pastor anniversary program
Printed programs for the Pastor Anniversary will complete the overall theme for the scheduled events of celebration. There are many things that you can include into the official program to make this keepsake one to remember. Using a pastor anniversary program template will make this process very easy to complete and print.

The pastor anniversary program Layout is pretty much straight forward which should include: Cover Art Work, Pastor Biography and a Order of Service. These are the standard components that most programs have. However, there are many other components that are just as important as those mention above that should also be given some consideration for inclusion.

The pastor anniversary poem which is highly searched for in Google Search everyday is an important element that can be printed right on the back cover of the program. This is considered to be a poem tribute to the pastor and his wife. There aren't many poems out there that cover the pastor anniversary topic but there are general thank you poems that you can convert to your topic. This involves a little work and a little creativity and in the long run you will be glad you did.

The Members Page
The church as a whole is like a real family and a great idea for the program bulletin would be to have a members page. On this page the members of the church can congratulate their pastor, post pictures and photographs and extend their well wishes. If the program layout is tabloid or 11X17 we recommend using one full sheet to allow space for everyone to acknowledge their gratitude.

The Family Page
Most Pastors are married and have families that accompany them in the ministry. The family page is dedicated for the family members to express their congratulatory statements and extend their pleasantries. This page could include photographs of the family, thank you statements and well wishes. The family may also wish to extend a tribute poem to the pastor.

The Ministry Page
The church at large may have many ministries in the ministry. It is a good idea that each ministry shows representation within the pastor anniversary program. These departments include:
  • Sunday School
  • Children’s Ministry
  • Women’s Ministry
  • Men’s Ministry
  • Music Ministry
  • Pastor Aide Committee
  • Ministers and Elders
  • Deacon Board
  • Evangelist Board
  • Outreach ministry
  • Singles Ministry
  • Foreign Mission

There are many more that could be listed here but I am sure you get the picture. Each ministry should be represented within the program with a salute to the pastor.

The Pastor's Bio 
The Pastor’s Biography is a must have component for inclusion into the program. His life achievements and Church History should be highlighted in this section of the program. There is an array of topics that you can discuss in the biography and it is important to list as much as you can about the Man of God. The job of the pastor is often taking so lightly and in many people eyes its all glitz an glamour. Well, its not. In fact it is the total opposite and it takes a very dedicated person to be a pastor.

The printed program is a great tool that will give clear instructions and help facilitate the pastor anniversary service. It answers the most common questions and it will allow everyone to follow along and keep up with the scheduled events. You can also list any information that may follow the official service that may be schedule like a dinner or gathering at a local restaurant. 

An excellence resource for pastor anniversary program templates is the Pastor Anniversary Site. They have help hundreds of churches with their pastor anniversary print ready program templates. Extremely easy to use and very affordable!

pastor anniversary program

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