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Pastor Anniversary Celebration

Pastor Appreciation - Celebrating the Man or Woman of God!

pastor anniversary, pastor appreciation

The church today celebrate our leaders for all the spiritual guidance and leading they provide to our congregations. Some churches have adopted an entire month of celebration while others celebrate just a few days each year. Whatever choice your church makes it is important not to forget our pastors and spiritual leaders as they watch over our souls.

Why Celebrate Your Pastor? 

The office of pastor is a very hard occupation that requires thorough training, in many cases schooling and a real prayer life. This requires a dedicated balance in life for anyone called to become a pastor. Once you've completed your natural schooling and learning the spiritual side of this occupation begins by taking on the responsibility of watching over souls. 

Many pastors have long hours during the day as the job itself is extremely demanding at times. In many cases the pastor is the one who visits the sick and shut-in and prays tirelessly for those he or she is watching over. At other times the pastor has to balance the many engagements that include: weddings, funerals, bible study, church services, Sunday school and revivals just to name a few. This demanding schedule also includes being a spouse, a parent, a family member and friend to a multitude of people. These are the reasons why we should always take time to celebrate our pastors as it is more than just glitz and glamour. It is a real job with real responsibilities and all the task that you can throw in from Sunday to Sunday.

Pastor Anniversary Preparation and Ideas

In order to have a successful event it's best to get everyone involve. You can mail out invitations to active and non-active members inviting them to attend the event. You can have a flyer designed and list all the pertinent information about the event such as date, time and location. The church secretary should have a members list that include addresses of all active and non-active members in the congregation. It is a good practice to communicate with all members of the congregation as most will accept your invitation if one is made. Another good form of communication for exposure would be to place an ad in your local newspaper. For much broader exposure writing a press release would give your promotion the reach it needs.

There are a number of free services that you can use to promote the pastor's anniversary beginning with an email campaign. This will require a digital flyer that can be emailed as a invitation. The digital flyer can be placed on Facebook, Myspace, and the Church Website. Once you have the flyer in place online you can Tweet the link to the flyer to all those individuals that follow your group or church. You can Tweet the all the promotional links you create to using Most people use Facebook on a regular basis so having the digital flyer shared on Facebook is a great idea. If you have the means to create a promotional video then YouTube is the best place to submit your video. All of these measures will ensure that you message gets heard!

The Pastor Anniversary Celebration

Celebrating your pastor should be a collective effort by the entire congregation that he or she serves. The members can assign a team of individuals that work well to together to officiate the anniversary projects. The pastor anniversary is often referred to as the annual celebration after the pastor has been installed by the official church members. This event should be carefully planned and structured so that all members can take part in it.

There are many creative events that can go into the anniversary celebration as a whole. You can plan a formal banquet, bring in a popular guest speaker, have a special event night or day, and have fund raisers to help with any expenses. You can have as lavish event as you want or just have a dedicated day for this purpose and occasion. Whatever celebratory events you come up with it is always best to get as much input from the congregation as possible. It is also a good idea to know your pastors taste in things as you do not want to plan a concert when he would have preferred an elegant banquet.

pastor anniversary program template

Pastor Anniversary Program Templates

A great way to have structure to your events is by having a pastor anniversary program template where you can document the events of the day. The program template is very easy to use and extremely easy to print as all the hard work is already done for you. The church in general has adopted the 11X17 tabloid size program as its program size for official events. With this particular size you can have the necessary room  needed for a fantastic spread and layout. 

A great resource for Pastor Anniversary Program Templates is the Pastor Anniversary Site! They have a great selection of program template that will suit your taste as well as budget. The Pastor Anniversary Site has helped hundreds of churches provide a full color printed program for this type of event. Click here to visit their site for more information: Pastor Anniversary Site.


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